Who are SW&S?

Over the last decade China has risen to become the world’s most important wine market. SW&S seeks to meet the changing tastes and demand for wines & spirits in 21st Century China.  Learn more

Where does SW&S operate?

SW&S has offices in Guangdong and Shanghai from where they service a broad range of cities across this vast country. Learn more

Which brands does SW&S represent?

We specialise in European wines and Scotch whisky. Our range of French wines and Scotch whisky has been handpicked to match current Chinese tastes. Learn more

To whom does SW&S sell?

SuGeJiu’s clients range from large distributors with sites in several provinces and online, to smaller wine merchants with only one retail shop.  Learn more

Sugelan Wines & Spirits

SW&S is an international trading company with offices in London, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

We have a long-term vision; the brands we represent are established and developed with precision, with a focus on the current demands and taste in China.