Sugelan Wines & Spirits – Who are we? 

Over the last decade China has risen to become the world’s most important wine market. SW&S seeks to meet the resulting changing tastes in China. We specialise in import and distribution of European wines and whisky to a range of clients all over this vast country. SW&S began marketing wines in Guangdong and today has developed an extensive network of sales channels throughout the country.





We are  determined to build on the niches around each of the products we represent in order to explore sales channels that suit each one in particular. We have a long-term vision; the brands we represent are established and developed with precision, with a focus on the current requirements in China. This is reflected in our philosophy –

“To build on pre-existing demand within the Chinese market, rather than attempt to incite it.”

Many foreign wine merchants tell Chinese people what to drink. We ask our clients WHAT they want to drink.

Our success comes from a mixture of brand management, consulting and identifying suitable distribution networks for each and every brand we represent. This is one of the key factors of our business that sets us apart from the majority of the competition in this burgeoning market.

SW&S has developed an extensive distribution network within the largest Chinese cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao etc, but also concentrates on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where clients are typically neglected by the larger importers and distributors.







We do not simply offer an import service, but also provide brand management, consulting, brand building, marketing strategy, and distribution within the China market.

Import Service

Europe - China (Shipping, customs, documentation - all handled by us!)

Direct Trade to China

Direct shipping of products from Europe (Scotland, France) to Shanghai, China. Everything in between – handled by us!

Brand Management

We provide brand building services for all our wines and spirits

Brand Building & Development

We develop and implement unique branding strategies based on each product’s characteristics and desired target market.


We represent out suppliers brands in the China market.

Strategy, advice, etc...

We offer consulting services for suppliers wishing to take advantage of the opportunities in Asia, but who lack experience in the China market.


From Shanghai or Guangzhou we can deliver to anywhere in China.

Anywhere in China

We offer product delivery services to all buyers within the China market. If samples are required, we also provide a delivery service.





We strive to establish reliability, consistency and focus at every step.  From sourcing in Europe to brand management, identifying and selling to suitable distributors, and delivery.

Like a fine wine, every aspect is crucial to the overall result.

There are already many foreign wine suppliers who offer full containers of wine to the Chinese market. Those sellers concentrate on the large, more developed coastal cities in China such as Shanghai and Beijing. They also tend to tell the Chinese what to drink, attempting to educate the market and bend it to match their product portfolio.

Listening to your customer is key in China.

“Being an emerging consuming market, the Chinese want only two kinds of wine: famous and cheap. But 99% of the world’s wineries are neither.” October 2009


We pursue a REACTIVE strategy. Each of our products has been chosen because a Chinese client requested it and demonstrated significant demand for that product.