Our UK & China Team Managers

Sandy Christie
Sandy ChristieEurope Manager - Purchasing
Sandy has a long and varied experience of managing the cultural interface between China and the UK. His main responsibilities for SW&S involve sourcing and purchasing our products in France, Italy and Scotland. Sandy grew up in Scotland: a proud kilt wearer, he plays the bagpipes and has a deep knowledge and appreciation of whisky. He speaks French and visits France regularly to source wines. Sandy used to live in Guangdong where he learned the tastes of Chinese clients and developed SuGeJiu’s initial sales network. He is now based in London.
Oliver Marks
Oliver MarksChina Manager - Sales & Marketing
Oliver leads the sales effort in Guangzhou and Shanghai where he currently lives. Oliver studied Mandarin Chinese at university in the UK and he speaks Mandarin fluently. Before joining SuGeJiu he worked for a Shanghai marketing company where he provided business development, project management and cross-border strategies for American and European companies targeting the China market.