Who do we work with?

Several examples of locations we cover:


Guangzhou is the area in which we initially developed our sales, warehouses, distribution channels, and reputation.

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Guangzhou is our city of birth in China. It is one of the areas in which we have a largest distribution network, and number of clients.


Since establishment we have spread from Guangzhou throughout China to cities such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Beijing, Fuzhou, etc.

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We now have an extensive sales network across major cities. We concentrate on the larger Chinese distributors who supply bars, clubs etc. We also supply a handful of on-trade customers directly.

Our client base is a diverse one. We sell to all manner of organisations, with differing business models. Our clientele varies from wine wholesalers, bars, KTV’s and clubs to large distributors who own retail outlets. The majority of these large-scale distributors conduct most of their sales through wholesale operations themselves, supplying hotels and restaurants.


Over time we have learned the optimum methods of sourcing, shipping, importing, and distributing wine to and within China.

We are always working to expand our client base even further – to cover an even larger spectrum of Chinese cities and provinces.

We exhibit our products at industry Trade Fairs across China, and try to visit our clients regularly in order to keep up to date with market trends.