Project Description

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Wine Overview

Vin de France, 2012 Semi dry red wine

Our most popular wine


Location of Origin

Languedoc region. The grapes are grown in a Mediterranean climate, in excellent geographical conditions and with traditional wine making processes developed over years.




This wine has a deep garnet red color, a slightly peppery and cinnamon scent. It has a well-balanced, slightly spicy and tannic finish. Tour de Rêve is a semi-dry wine, so is very easy to drink, and is a little sweet.



The wine has a sophisticated, fruity flavor. It goes well with chicken, tofu, beef, pork, ham, rice, vegetable salads, pasta, etc.


Grape Type



Production Quantities

75cl bottles, at production capacity of 300,000 / year



French domestic bottle


Wine Making

Traditional vinification; specifically chosen vineyard, long maturation time, regular testing of sugar and aroma, temperature monitoring. 8 grams of grape sugar added to give the slightly sweet, fruity tastes


Maturation Time

2 – 4 years


Optimum Drinking Temperature