Project Description

Different Varieties: This unique blend contains the best single malt Scotch whiskey and grain. The Whisky is matured in oak barrels for many years, and then mixed and bottled in Scotland. The result is a high-quality world-renowned whiskey. The quality is said to be between Johnnie Walker red and black label.

Tasting Notes: The main taste has essences of caramel, oak, and very slight smokiness. Mixed together to form a very enriching balance of flavours.

The four different ways to enjoy our Black Shield Whisky:

  • Straight – enjoy the pure taste without any additives.
  • Add some spring water (5%) to release the taste.
  • Add one or two ice cubes to make a cool and refreshing whisky.
  • Cocktail — we recommend green tea or ginger ale.

Whisky Company: there are two distilleries in Scotland. Glengoyne distillery was founded in 1833 and Tamdhu winery was built in 1897.

Whiskey Background: In ancient times, the famous King of Scotland always carried a black shield into battle. Loyal soldiers gathered around the black shield to protect the king and fight alongside him. Today, friends gather around another black shield, enjoying Scotch whiskey together.


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