Project Description

Wine Overview:


Italian red wine, from the year 2013

5L = 6.5 x 750ml bottles


Vineyard location

The soil and climate at Villa Novecento’s vineyards produce a wine that is rich and varied in taste.


Grape type

80% Sangiovese, 20% Barbera / Montepulciano



200,000 bottles



Imported Italian original bottle


Wine Making

The process of picking the grapes and ripening takes time. Throughout this process, the sugar and tannins are periodically tested.


Wine Serving Temperature

16-18 degrees


Tasting Notes

Concentrated black fruit flavours, and tannins give rise to a good balance of acidity and sweetness. A food friendly wine, that is intellectually satisfying and complex.



Very suitable for Chinese meats, such as twice cooked pork, beef, and tofu, grilled vegetables and chocolate, sweet rice desserts, etc.